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ian edwards


Folk Art

A generative music experiment

The music was made by me and my bandmates, all also members of Partials!


Folk Art spawned during the pandemic when it was hard and rare to make music in person. So we went about trying to develop a system of musical languages that we all could "speak" fluently, with the goal of generating tracks start-to-finish in a single day. Some are messy, some are catchy, some straight up aren't mastered, mixed or even finished. But this particular showcase isn't about completeness. It's about a single-stroke haiku approach to songwriting. Capture a mood, and freeze it in place.


These tracks here are the result of the past 2 years.


And a self-hosted fake SoundCloud!

The app leverages the notion api as a background just like this very portfolio! The site itself is another Sveltekit app and the media player part is handled by the web audio API and Peaks.JS.


I did it this way because music platforms largely suck, and they're only getting worse. The workflow of maintaining our catalog was clunky and monetization gets us nowhere anyway. We were keeping track of everything we did in notion anyway. It was really simple to build around the already existing database.


So we said fuck it: We'll do it ourselves and own our own means of distribution!


It’s a work in progress.