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ian edwards



A band


Partials has taken many shapes and sizes over the years. It was 3 differently named acts before I ever even saw them. Partial Cinema was opening for a good friend of mine (Hannah Zale) and I went early because my sister said their lead singer was cool and nice. I came upon a scrappy quartet playing motown covers and thought “Oh snap, y’all need a sax player!”


After playing with Partial Cinema for about a year, I expanded from sax & vox to sax & guitar & vox, then sax & guitar & synth & vox. We took on a new drummer, renamed ourselves to Partials, and went deep on Fela Kuti and Afrobeat.


2 EPs (one on vinyl), several tours, and a Georgia Theatre residency later, we’re a live mishmash of live afrohouse where I spend about half my time live-wiggling knobs and moving patch cables on a modular synth. 🤷‍♂️




Time Stands Still


Notable shows

Adult Swim Bloodfeast

Terminal West opening for Marc Rebillet

Georgia Theatre opening for Rubblebucket

Big Bang Block Party ATL opening for Trombone Shorty

SuperPAC: Ralley on the Rooftop - Super Partials Afrobeat Collective (Georgia Theatre Rooftop Residency)

Athfest like 5 years in a row

Sigh In July